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Our team draws inspiration from the vibrant community and landscape of Sonoma County. We are committed to sustainability and activism, weaving these values into every aspect of our grape-to-glass journey. From the coastal impact of our vineyards to the diverse varieties and winemaking styles, we embrace innovation and passion every step of the way. Our commitment to sustainability extends to our packaging efforts, ensuring that every step of our process is eco-conscious and reflects our dedication to quality. To continue sharing our appreciation for the ocean through our partnership with SeaTrees, we further enhance our environmental impact and contribute to reforestation efforts around the world. Fostering a stronger, greener community for future generations to come.


Like you, Head High Wines is dedicated to contributing to something greater than ourselves. Together, we can create a cleaner environment and stronger communities. Every year, we support the social and environmental organizations that make our land and sea healthier.

our contributions to date


by sustainable surf

Sustainable Surf protects and restores ocean health by encouraging people to shift to a low-carbon lifestyle with an emphasis on using ocean-friendly materials, ending plastic pollution, and restoring coastal ecosystems.

Duke’s oceanfest

Duke’s Oceanfest is a non-profit organization whose mission, on behalf of the entire Hawaiian Islands Community, is to share Duke’s celebrated life and excellence, as well as provide resources to organizations such as ODKF, to enrich the lives of Hawaii’s youth.


We have strong ties to Hawaii with many friends and family, and we are here to help and hoping you will be too.

We really appreciate you helping our Ohana through Head High Wines. Together, we can make a difference.